Donate to the auction

We are actively looking for more items to include in the 2017 auction!

Please submit your donation by March 3rd and return the filled out form in the Jefferson PTA mailbox located at the school office.  Download your donation agreement form here. Or contact to assist you in submitting your donation.

Popular donations include:
  • Vacation Rentals - Got a cabin? Donate a weekend!
  • Tours - Work somewhere cool?  Donate a tour of your workplace.
  • Special Events - Host a party.  Some of our most popular parties include: Jefferson Dad's Night, Jefferson Mom's Margarita Night, a cocktail and dumpling making party.  
  • Arts & Crafts - Do you make jewelry, bags, artwork? Handmade items are very popular and we'd love to auction it for the kids!
  • Services - Get some friends together and donate homemade foods (dinners, desserts, etc.), massage, dog walking or offer to donate a few hours to someone's "Honey Do" list.
  • Gift Certificates - Donate a gift certificate from restaurants, retail stores, your own workplace or one you are connected to.  
Don't be afraid to use your imagination for donation ideas. The more creative, the better!

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